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Public Safety Enterprise Communication (PSEC) is overseeing the implementation of a standards-based digital radio system that will provide greater geographic coverage, greater reliability, access to data, and enhanced interoperability. The PSEC team formed as a blended group from Riverside County Fire, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, RCIT, Facilities Management, industry subject matter experts, and technology professionals from all levels of our respective organizations. RCIT has project oversight responsibility.

The Public Safety Enterprise Communication project is the expansion of the systems capabilities and its associated infrastructure. The new system is urgently needed to ensure the safety of the public, Sheriff’s deputies and firefighters.

The current system provides coverage to only about 60 percent of the County. The communication system now in use is at the end of its useful life, and is no longer adequate to meet the County’s coverage and capacity needs. Population growth within the County is necessitating the expansion of the coverage footprint. Additionally, due to increases in the County’s radio usage, additional traffic-carrying capacity is required to meet the needs of emergency services personnel to serve the public.


Upon implementation of the new standards-based radio system, the County of Riverside will employ the use of:

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